Overseas delivery

Do you offer overseas delivery?

Yes, we do. If we at Delticom AG do not operate a tyre webshop in your country, we still can quote prices that include the product price and all delivery costs to an address in your country. We deliver to many countries worldwide on request.

There are many delivery options, which include air freight standard, air freight express or even delivery by ocean freight to a port in your country.

All international orders are processed via our special webshop www.Tyrenow.com. If you are a tyre dealer or a business, feel free to register there and place orders.

If you are a privat person, please email your enquiry to international.delivery@delti.com with the following information:

Product: International delivery, especially with air freight, may be expensive. Our experience shows that most popular products are established brands of tyres for premium cars, motorcycles and industrial machinery.

Price: Our price quote for most countries will exclude local taxes and customs duties. It will be a DAP (delivered at place) price. You will be responsible for local taxes and duties and have to pay them on the arrival of goods. The forwarder will contact you on this once the goods arrive.

Payment: Payment methods are Paypal, credit card or wire transfer to Germany. Orders are processed only after receipt of payment.

Delivery: We dispatch tyres from a warehouse in Germany, not from Britain. Shipments are first forwarded to our intermediary air freight warehouse in Germany, which normally takes only few days to arrive. Then we dispatch them with a carrier of choice to your country and provide you with tracking information.

We are looking forward to your enquiry!