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Delticom: On one's way on two-wheelers cost-effectively and safely

Delticom AG, Hannover - 12.10.2008. Dense traffic with routine daily city centre jams and clogged roads are the declared enemies of car drivers. On two wheels however, one is on one's way not only faster but also more cost-effectively. The vehicle for two on two wheels is the "in-thing now.

A cost comparison by IVM* between a scooter (motorcycle, 250 ccm, 22 HP) and a passenger car (small vehicle, 75 HP), makes it conspicuous: the scooter is the clear winner in terms of savings from the viewpoint of procurement- and maintenance costs. Average consumption costs and insurance costs were compared. According to the comparison, the running costs of a motorcycle are less by one-third as compared to the costs of a passenger car. Even the registration figures in Germany from January to August 2008 support it: The figures have increased meanwhile, for motorcycles (above 125 ccm) even to more than 46.8 percent as compared to the previous year.

On the road however, only those who ensure that their wheels are equipped with tyres that correspond to the weather conditions, are safe. Good, winter-resistant tyres for two-wheelers are absolutely essential today. Especially for short heating periods and a functioning water drainage and thus, safety under wet conditions. Also the dread depth is essential or a safe and enjoyable ride: experts recommend a minimum of 2 mm. To drive safety through all situations even in wet and cold weather, one still does not need to dig deep into ones purse. At Europe's biggest Internet tyre specialists - Delticom AG - scooters and motor cycles are offered via the online shop www.MotorradreifenDirekt.de. The M+S tyres are becoming more interesting here too, i.e., winter tyres for scooters that are still driven all round the year in overcrowded areas. Among other things, M+S tyres of Heidenau, Schwalbe, Sava, Duro and Metzeler are offered here, and corresponding to the current trend towards two wheelers, their demand is increasing by the day.

For more information, please visit www.delti.com and www.MotorradreifenDirekt.de

*IVM = Industrie Verband Motorrad e.V. (Industry Association Motorbikes Inc.)

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