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Delticom: Before the ride into the net

Always in contact with the road: motorcycle tyres from the specialist supplier

Delticom AG, Hanover - Bikers know how it feels: Slowly, it gets hot, the feeling is like fever. It is tickling everywhere and then - there is no going back. Into the motorcycle gear, onto the beloved bike and onto the road! Motorcycling fans know such "fevers" only too well. But even the die-hard bikers know: better safe than sorry, thus it is better to drive safely even when slanting. The right "medication" for the motorcycling fever: tyres that you can rely on.

Attractive and high-performance bend stars need to be nourished and cherished for them to take off. Therefore, the tyres should be checked for visible damages before the tour. In addition, each tyre is subject to a natural aging process, which means it loses its adhesion and elasticity. For example in the interest of road safety, a motorcycle, which had been deregistered for a longer period, should be fitted with new tyres.

The correct air pressure is a precondition for the perfect road behaviour. Mileage, breaking distance and cornering ability depend on the correct air filling. As a rule, the air pressure is measured with cold tyres and it is best to measure it weekly. There will be notes in the handbook or on the motorcycle (lever). If the air pressure is too high this will affect the comfort and will increase the wear and tear, if the air pressure is too low this will lead to increased fulling and warming. The consequence may be damages to the tyres - in the worst case the detachment of the tread.

Today, modern motorcycle tyres are consistent low profile constructions: the height of the sidewall is lower than the width of the tread. This leads to more rubber on the road and thus more stability.

According to the StVZO (Strassenverkehrszulassungsordnung, Road Traffic Licensing Regulation), the minimum profile depth of motorcycle tyres is 1.6 mm. In practice it is sensible to invest in a change of tyres before reaching this minimum value. The slogan: "better cheap rubber, than expensive synthetics" proves particularly true, when expensive replacement part costs, such as e.g. for the full cladding incur due to a fall. In comparison to those costs new tyres are a bargain., which you can benefit from anyway.

At www.motorradreifenrirekt.de Delticom, the online expert and European market leader in the Internet tyre trade, provides an extensive tyre offer for trail bikes, motocross bikes, quads, choppers/cruisers, racing sports, super sports road, tour sports diagonal or radial and motor scooters. As a general rule, the tyres are cheaper by 20 to 25 % in comparison to the motorcycle tyres offered in the traditional tyre trade.

More information at: www.delti.com

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