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Delticom: Sporty addition with new top motorcycle tyre brand in motorcycle tyre shops

Exclusive distribution of the super sports motorcycle tyre brand FullboreUSA in ten European countries

Delticom AG, Hanover - 27th of July 2009
Sophisticated motorcycle enthusiasts value the super sports tyres of the brand FullboreUSA, which Japanese engineers developed, particularly because of their unique grip and perfect controllability on dry and wet road conditions. In the USA they are very popular for the use in sports. The tyres are well accepted when used on racing tracks and in ¼ mile races, which are popular amongst the Americans - which are also reflected in the increasing sales figures of 2008 and 2009.

FullBore's new line includes the M-1 Street Sport. This multi-purpose sport bike tyre offers a great combination of handling, traction, control and longevity. Whether you are scraping pegs or commuting to work, extreme value is spoken here. The M-1's affordable pricing won't have you crying at your ATM when it's time to replace your OEM radial.

The M-3 Track Sport was designed for the riders wanting the ultimate in handling and performance. The M-3's are available in two compounds, soft and ultra soft. With its near slick design, this DOT approved tyre will soon have a cult following at track days and become the tyre of choice for drag racing. If a super sticky compound for the ultimate in traction is a top priority and longevity secondary, the ultra soft M-3 is the tyre of choice.

The brand FullboreUSA is brand new in Europe and is now offered exclusively in Delticom motorcycle tyre shops to retailers (Autoreifenonline.de, pnebo.de) as well as to end-consumers (amongst others ReifenDirekt.de, MotorradreifenDirekt.de). As from now FullboreUSA is available in the following countries: Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Poland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and the Czech Republic.

By now, the extensive tyre and service offer of the market leader in Internet tyre trade not only convinces with its low prices, but also and above all with the high level of availability of goods in the online shops throughout the year, even regarding rare sizes.

More information about the company: www.delti.com

Pnebo: www.pnebo.de

All online shops, inclusive motorbike tyres: www.delti.com/english/reifen.html

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