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Delticom: It's surfing time!
Cool: Surf the Internet and find new tires

Delticom AG, Hanover - 12.10.2009: It is windy and blustery. Leaves fall onto the wet ground. An unmistakable sign that surfing time is back. The surf hotspot is the Internet. Your best move would be to start looking for new winter tires now. As they say: the early bird gets the worm.

When many are still riding the wave of their vacation memories, those of us who plan ahead are getting the mouse out instead of the surfboard to go surfing - on the Internet, looking for good prices for new tires. Why so soon, ask many drivers. Because it is not only cheaper now, but prevention is better than ... an accident, in a best-case scenario just a fender-bender. For fall weather and the changes in road conditions it brings are not far off.

Wet weather brings underestimated dangers. A study made by the University of Wuppertal for the Federal Highway Research Institute recently showed that. According to it, the number of traffic accidents in towns increases more than 20% on wet roads in comparison with dry roads. Outside city limits, the number of accidents on wet roads is about 18% higher than on dry ones.

Many drivers do not know that wet, slippery leaves reduce traction and increase braking distances just as snow does. When braking, even dry leaves can pile up and thus reduce road contact. The vehicle can continue to slide forward even if you steer against the skid. If the leaves are wet, they turn into a slippery coating where especially worn tires have a hard time gripping. Experts warn especially of the danger in rural areas, because the roads may also be dirty during the harvest season. On often used roads, tire residue, dust, and oil increase the danger of skidding.

Drivers should adjust their driving and check the condition of their tires. Damaged tires and tires with worn treads need to be replaced. At the ReifenDirekt web shops of Delticom, one of the largest online tire dealers, those interested in replacing tires have all options: a selection and availability of more than 100 tire brands and over 25,000 models, including niche sizes. Reasonable prices are the norm at the TÜV-certified online specialist. Professional mounting garages that mount the tires on the customers vehicle can be chosen online as well.

More information about the company: www.delti.com
ReifenDirekt tire shops: www.ReifenDirekt.de, -at, -ch
Online tire shops: www.delti.com/english/reifen.html

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