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Delticom: Don't put off buying winter tires - now is the time

Winter always comes just like Christmas - it creeps up on you. Although the time of year and the shorter days make it clear it's coming, most drivers don't think about winter tires until the first snowfall or just before a winter vacation. But that can have disastrous consequences for safety and your pocketbook. What many people do not fully realize - at our latitude and further north, we have about 185 days of winter weather. It therefore does not make sense to wait until the first snow falls.

Winter weather poses a special challenge for all drivers. Good driving skills are not enough to meet these challenges. Technical equipment, especially tires, must be adapted to road conditions. At low temperatures (less than 7 ēC) and other wintry weather conditions, only winter tires provide maximum safety. It has been proven that even the most modern technology cannot replace winter tires. Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and electronic stability programs (ESP) are of no use on snow and ice if you are using summer tires.

Many drivers fail to check the tread when mounting their winter tires. Increasingly last year, traffic safety experts noticed that tires were being used for longer periods and were frequently in use until the minimum required tread depth of 1.6 mm was reached. But when the system and function control of winter tires is really needed, at least 4 mm tread depth are necessary for traction, handling, and curve behavior. Braking distances also increase dramatically when the tread depth decreases. If the tires then have to grip through slush and snow, tread depths less than 4 mm cannot safely take in enough water and snow.

Replace tires for a safe start into winter. If you check the Internet, you will find good savings. At Delticom, the online specialist, potential buyers can find a large selection of winter tires at a reasonable price, even in rare tire sizes. The expert also has additional free information available as well as useful tips about tires. Ordering is easy and you can find the tires you need with a few clicks. The Internet site features high availability and short delivery times, even during high season, as well as professional mounting service. You can select a garage in your area directly online and use Google Maps to locate it.

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