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Delticom: Lorries also need winter tyres

Delticom AG, Hanover - 24.11.2009
While others are still dreaming, lorry- and bus drivers often need to get out early. Well-prepared for the winter, the early risers should not leave their safety and the safety of other traffic participants to chance and definitely not to the blue pencil. Suitable tyres are significant, particularly now that the weather becomes unpredictable and may lead to unpleasant surprises.

In order for the truckers and bus drivers not to get caught in the cold, the drivers and owners of transport fleet companies should not spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar. Involuntary glissades in extreme rains or suddenly emerging snowstorms mostly end in catastrophes for everybody involved. Those, who are alert and make precautions with winter tyres, not only avoid unnecessary risks, but also avoid fines and insurance protection losses.

Experts point out that winter tyres can, however, only develop their full performance if they are undamaged and dispose of sufficient tread levels. The same general legal conditions apply to lorries as they do to cars, thus a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm. However, experts agree: For winter tyres a minimum tread of 4 mm is recommended. Also, winter tyres should not be older than 6 years according to the ADAC.

The use of snow chains or traction aids for summer tyres does not correspond to a "suitable set of tyres". This also applies to the combination of summer tyres and winter tyres. Thus, those, who only swap the summer tyres attached to one axle, do not comply with the requirements of the German legislation for the winter operation of a motor vehicle. Also, the new regulation includes motor vehicles of all kinds. However, there is no requirement for winter tyres on trailers.

In any case, new winter tyres are cheaper than the damages, which may occur, if the driver is on the roads with unsuitable tyres. If you are looking for the cheapest prices for lorry or bus tyres your best chance to make a find is on the Internet. The tyres of Europe's largest online tyre dealer Delticom, supplying lorry tyres, tyres for small transporters (light commercial vehicles) and bus tyres via the online shop ReifenDirekt, are particularly low-priced.

More information about the company: www.delti.com
Lorry tyres in Germany: www.ReifenDirekt.de/LKW-Reifen.html, www.autoreifenonline.de, www.flotten24.de

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