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Winter Tires for Latecomers

Delticom AG, Hanover - 07/01/2010: Frozen lakes, cotton candy on trees: Winter has transformed Germany and broad stretches of Europe into a picture book landscape. Temperatures fell below -5 degrees in many places and are predicted to go even lower in the coming days and nights. But the cold snap comes at a price, especially for motorists.

Europe, a winter (tire) tale...?!

Kilometer-long jams and many accidents have resulted from the current cold weather. Motorists who still have summer tires on their vehicles are a danger to themselves and others. They are frequently the cause of jams and the ensuing chaos on the roads, especially on hills and curves. Experts never cease trying to warn drivers of the need to switch over to winter tires with more traction. The special winter tires are noticeably safer. They offer more traction than summer tires and are safer for braking, steering, and accelerating. Brake tests prove that at a speed of 50 km/h, the braking distance is about 8 meters longer using summer tires. The tread depth of winter tires is important. Anything less than 4 millimeters is a risk as far as grip (friction) is concerned.

In addition to profile depth, attention should be paid to other essential features when selecting winter tires:

  • Labeling M+S, M/S or M.S. on the sidewalls, usually the snowflake symbol on the sidewall as well (not necessarily required)
  • Advanced siping technology and corresponding tread mixture guarantee optimal grip on wet and snowy roads at temperatures below 7°C (reference value), especially when braking.
  • Test reports, e.g. at tiretest.com

Those who do not have winter tires yet and are now looking around desperately for suitable ones are advised to search on the Internet. The largest selection is at Delticom, the leading online tire dealer in Europe, with more than 100 online shops in 35 countries. Rainer Binder, CEO of Delticom AG says, "Thanks to our sophisticated global purchasing strategy, we can still offer winter tires even in the advanced season at our usual good prices." Some 100 brands and more than 25,000 types of tires are offered at the Delticom web shops (e.g. www.123pneus.fr or www.mytyres.co.uk). For those driving in particularly snowy areas that need snow chains, it is worthwhile to check out the other offers in the shop.

A special service of the Internet specialist: over 24,000 service partners all over the world offer professional tire mounting. Delivery to any address the customer desires.

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