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Van drivers have an unenviable record when it comes to roadside spot checks with the majority of driving prohibitions caused by overloading according to e recent Vehicle and Operator Service Agency's (VOSA) Effectiveness Report. The impact of overloading a van stretches beyond a possible fine and, according to mytyres.co.uk - part of Europe's leading online tyre dealer Delticom AG - the impact on tyres - which are also often under inflated - can be reduced tyre life and a possible blow out.

Tyres carrying excessive loads cause increased heat build up, which adversely affects their grip and handling characteristics. Should the tyre fail during transit the results could be fatal.

"Running tyres above their recommended load capacity also dramatically increases tread wear and in-turn reduces their operating lifecycle", says a spokesperson of mytyres. "This means operators will be forced to replace tyres more often adding significantly to operational costs. Overloaded tyres compromise a vehicle's handling characteristics resulting in longer stopping distances and a loss of steering. Aside from that, the risk of a tyre failure is significant when overloaded, which can endanger the driver's and other road users' lives."

Another consequence, says mytyres.co.uk, of overloading tyres is that is it illegal.The spokesperson, added, "Drivers face criminal prosecution if found guilty of transporting excessive loads, which could mean hefty fines or regulatory action for the business if the vehicle is part of a bigger fleet. Mytyres.co.uk stocks a wide-range of tyres to suit any budget and van owners can compare tyre brands, prices and load ratings quickly and conveniently."

Van owners wanting to replace tyres and looking for the best deals should log on to www.mytyres.co.uk

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Note to Editors
Delticom is Europe's leading online tyre retailer and operates in the UK as mytyres.co.uk. The company was founded in Hanover in 1999 and has 113 online shops in 35 countries. It offers private and business customers an unrivalled range of competitively priced tyres for cars, motorcycles, truck and bus, 4x4 and light commercial vehicles. The company offers 100 tyre brands and more than 25,000 specific tyre models. The service offers direct delivery to a customer's home, place of work or to one of more than 25,000 service partners across Europe and over 1,700 in the UK alone, who will provide a quality and expert tyre fitting service.

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