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Tyre Prices Soaring

Those who buy early (still) get the best prices

Delticom AG, Hanover - 10th Feb. 2011
Car tyres seem to be the new "black gold". Tyres, guarantors of the car's safety and mobility, can very often only be obtained at prices far higher than in 2010.

"Car drivers are likely facing drastic price increases in 2011," says Rainer Binder, CEO of Delticom AG, Europe's leading internet tyre dealer. "Raw material prices are virtually exploding. Many manufacturers purchase the raw materials needed for tyre production months in advance. The drastic increase in raw material prices in the last few weeks will thus become noticeable in retail prices after a time lag. But further substantial price increases are expected in the course of the year. Against this backdrop I can only urge drivers who need new tyres to buy them now and not put purchasing tyres on the back burner," elaborated Rainer Binder.

In addition to the expected price increase, experts are forecasting shortages of tyres. The extended production time for winter tyres and generally limited production capacities are the primary factors contributing to this. Another reason is high demand from emerging markets within and outside of Europe. As a result of rising demand for motor vehicles, the quantities of tyres delivered for automobile production have increased at some manufacturers. These quantities may now be lacking in summer tyre production for the tyre replacement markets.

"Delticom planned ahead. One of our advantages is our high, season-independent delivery capacity throughout the year, not just in common sizes, but also niche ones. Drivers deciding to buy tyres early on can get a bargain and still benefit from the lower purchase prices from last year. At our German online shop, ReifenDirekt.de, tyres we purchased at original terms are still available as long as supplies last," explained Rainer Binder.

Delticom, the European market leader currently selling tyres at 119 online shops in 39 countries, offers its customers a choice of over 100 tyre brands and more than 25,000 tyre models. At the online shops customers can shop for summer, winter or all-season tyres at any time.

Information about the company: delti.com
Online tyre shop in Germany: ReifenDirekt.de

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