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Winter tyres are good for business

Weather experts are predicting that the UK will experience yet another colder than average winter with more snow falls and icy roads. According to a YouGov poll 58% of senior decision makers at small businesses said that their companies suffered as a result of the snow last winter. Nationally, three quarters (74%) of employees were affected by the snow with more than a quarter (26%) failing to get to work at all.

One area, according to mytyres.co.uk - part of Europe's leading online tyre retailer Delticom, where employers can help staff, particularly those driving for work, is the fitting of winter tyres. A good example of the effect of fitting winter tyres comes from a major online supermarket grocery delivery service. Last winter they fitted all of their delivery van fleet with winter tyres. The company said that fitting winter tyres improved the safety for its drivers and road users in general as well as improving grip and stability in snow or icy conditions allowing the company's drivers to go places and do things other cannot because of the conditions.

As an indication of the effectiveness of winter tyres not just in snow or icy conditions, the British Tyre Manufacturers' Association found that a car braking at 60mph on a wet road at a temperature of 5°C stopped five metres shorter, equivalent to more than one car length, when fitted with winter tyres. This especially applies to business motorists who are likely to be on the road in the coldest conditions first thing in the morning and evening.

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