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Keeping fleets moving: the case for winter tyres

There is huge lack of awareness of the benefits of fitting winter tyres amongst fleet operators and managers in the UK. The general opinion is that winter tyres are only for use by Scandinavian or German drivers and yet the UK has suffered two bad winters with heavy snow and ice when winter tyres come into their own. The cost to businesses of the inclement weather is reported to be into the hundreds of millions of pounds with employees unable to get to work and vehicles unable to make deliveries.

In a bid to help keep the wheels of industry turning, fleettyres24.co.uk, part of Europe's leading online tyre retailer Delticom, has compiled some simple background information for fleet managers detailing the benefits of winter tyres while companies still have the time to order them before the winter rush.

Mike Wise, Managing Director Fleet at fleettyres24.co.uk, said: "The advantages to fleet managers of having winter tyres fitted to their vehicles are substantial and proven. First and foremost, winter tyres are the safest option for drivers during the colder months of the year but there is more to be said for them than that. They significantly reduce the risk of accident damage, not just in high-speed incidents, but also in the far more common scenario of a driver scraping or denting a vehicle (or two) as a result of losing traction while manoeuvring in a car park, for instance.

"The reason why so few fleets run without winter tyres during the cold months can only be down to the myths surrounding their use or a simple lack of awareness. Winter tyres are not just for snow and ice but offer advantages in any weather conditions below 7ēC." concluded Mike Wise.

Business and fleet operators are advised to contact Mike Wise who will be able to provide all the information on winter tyres. Because winter tyres are in relatively short supply, fleet managers are recommended to purchase winter tyres ahead of the winter months.

For further press information please contact Chris Wakley at Automotive PR on 020 7952 1070 or email: cwakley@automotivepr.com

Guide to winter tyres

What are winter tyres?

  • Identified by the mark M+S (M&S, M.S.) and additional, but not necessarily, a snow flake on the tyre wall
  • Designed to retain grip and handling properties in all temperatures
  • Made of a different, silica compound so they do not harden in temperatures below 7ēC as tyres designed for other seasons will
  • The tread is rougher than on summer/all-season tyres for extra traction
  • Grooves are deeper (typically 30mm)
  • Required by law in many countries worldwide during late autumn, winter and early spring months

Why use winter tyres?

  • According to Continental Tyres, drivers are six times more likely to have an accident related to traction during winter months than at other times of the year *š
  • Improve the chance of continued fleet operations in snowy conditions with demonstrable duty of care to drivers
  • Safety systems such as ABS and ESP still require the mechanical grip afforded by tyres to avert skidding - winter tyres provide the best grip in conditions with temperatures below 7ēC
  • Other tyres will wear more quickly in lower temperatures compared with winter tyres as they are more likely to spin
  • Provide very good grip in wet conditions regardless of temperature

Quotes on winter tyres:

"The climatic conditions in the UK make winter weather tyres the safest option from October through to April when the roads are often damp and temperatures tend to stay in single figures." TyreSafe, the tyre safety organisation.
"Winter tyres ensure that the driver gets maximum traction on and off road, thereby ensuring that safety and stability are optimised." The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) chief executive, Paul Everitt.
"Winter tyres improve safety and help keep traffic moving in difficult wet and icy conditions. It isn't worth waiting until the weather changes," RoadSafe director, Adrian Walsh.

Scotland's action on winter tyres*:

A strategic voluntary alliance has been brought together to focus on the part winter tyres can play in keeping Scotland moving during severe weather. "By sharing experience across industry, we can enable individuals and businesses to make informed choices about winter tyres to ensure safe and reliable journeys in severe weather conditions which benefit us all and I welcome the expertise and input of the Alliance partners." Scotland's Transport Minister, Keith Brown.

*˛ Taken from http://www.transportscotland.gov.uk/news/Winter-tyres-alliance

*š Source: www.whywintertyres.com

Note to Editors

Delticom is Europe's leading online tyre retailer and operates in the UK as mytyres.co.uk. The company was founded in Hanover in 1999 and has 124 online shops in 40 countries. It offers private and business customers an unrivalled range of competitively priced tyres for cars, motorcycles, truck and bus, 4x4 and light commercial vehicles. Fleet and business customers are catered for with a dedicated online store at www.fleettyres24.co.uk. The company offers 100 tyre brands and more than 25,000 specific tyre models. The service offers direct delivery to a customer's home, place of work or to one of more than 29,000 service partners across Europe and over 1,700 in the UK alone, who will provide a quality and expert tyre fitting service.

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