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Delticom: service partner network grows to 30,000 assembly workshops

A success trilogy - clients, service partners and Delticom

Delticom AG, Hanover - 22.11. 2011 - The figures clearly speak for themselves: the number of service partner workshops co-operating with Delticom worldwide has increased to more than 30,000. The statement is that, also with the number of workshops represented in this network, the European Internet tyre trading market leader remains at the top. The successful co-operation has good reasons - for all involved.

Advantages for tyre buyers
Delticom offers its clients a comfortable online purchasing process with an extensive service package, via what is now 125 online shops in 41 countries. The choice of tyres is big and this offer range - more than 100 tyre brands and over 25,000 tyre models - is seldom found elsewhere. The tyre purchase process is simple, quick and safe. The tyre buyer can choose where he would like to have his tyres delivered: to any desired address or to a professional installation partner, which is almost always located nearby. The client can select "his" installation partner direct online. The appropriate workshop can be found quickly and comfortably via its postcode or region. The prices calculated by the appropriate workshop for its services will be displayed with the click of a mouse. The tyre buyer will spare time and money: he is spared the sometimes tedious search for an appropriate company who will establish his tyres professionally and at a good price.

Service companies benefits
The collaboration is very simple. It is a matter of direct registration to one of the online shops. The future installation partner does not incur any costs, nor is it bound to any co-operation conditions.

After registration, the new tyre installation partner shall receive at no cost, via the online shop clients, who would like to have him install new tyres. The client, who bought his tyres at the Delticom online shop, shall pay the service partner directly for the installation of his tyres. The installation partner benefits from the collaboration with Delticom in many ways, in that it gains new clients that the workshop was previously unaware of. They can generate additional revenues with extra services e.g. tyre storage. There are no price conditions or other requirements from Delticom. The assembly partners are included in the online stores and, as far as the client's search is concerned, they are advertised as co-operating workshops.

A service partner located in the vicinity of the client is crucial in many cases. The existing star rating system - where clients evaluate the services of service partners - yields benefits for both the workshop and the tyre buyer. This evaluation system is used by countless tyre buyers who buy their tyres in one of the Delticom shops and have them installed by a service partner; and other tyres buyers recognise it as an additional decision indicator.

The installation workshops are an important factor in the Delticom performance spectrum.

Information on the company: delti.com

Buy tyres online at Delticom: e.g. ReifenDirekt.de, ReifenDirekt.at, ReifenDirekt.ch

Current number of service partners in Germany: more than 8,000
Current number of service partners in Austria: more than 660
Current number of service partners in Switzerland: more than 1,500

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