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Delticom: Women are jumping on the bandwagon

Buying tyres is increasingly a women's thing

Delticom AG, Hanover - 08/03/2012. At the 100th International Women's Day on 8th March 2012 Delticom, Europe's leading online tyre dealer, wants to empower women to take the maintenance of their car, particularly tyre purchase, in hand themselves. When buying tyres women are increasingly making the decisions for themselves . power shopping quite constructively.

Of 58 million car owners in Germany, 32.9 per cent are female*. Reason enough to do away with the kind of prejudice which says: women at the wheel make me squeal! These age-old opinions are not just being invalidated by the scores of women who for example sit behind the wheels of trucks or work in garages as "your man". Traffic analyses and accident studies attest to this and come to the conclusion that women drive more safely, more cautiously, have fewer accidents and.are therefore the better motorists. Of the road traffic accidents with one or more injured party, a good two thirds are caused by men. Furthermore, women in all age groups are far behind men when it comes to being banned from driving. **

Women are also playing catch-up when it comes to buying tyres: 34 per cent of women surveyed indicated in the Delticom Report *** that they could see themselves buying tyres on the internet in the future. Rainer Binder, CEO of Delticom AG, knows that there are some good reasons for that: "Everybody knows that they can shop in our internet shops round the clock, find an unrivalled wide choice and can also pick up the odd bargain".

You don't have to enter a lot of information at the ReifenDirekt.de online shop to get the right tyres. Another advantage of the online specialist is the high availability of the tyres, even in high season and in specialist sizes. Prospective female customers have constant access to current information and test results and can get additional support on Reifentest.de with the agony of choosing tyres. Easy and secure ordering is quickly completed with a few clicks; convenient payment options and fast delivery complete the purchase. For those who don't want to fit the tyres themselves and "do not know" anyone who can do that for them, service partner garages of the online supplier are available. Local professional assemblers can be found according to postcode or place-name when purchasing directly and the prices of the tyre services can be consulted. Space is most often a problem - not just in the wardrobe - and at this point it is good to know that many of the ReifenDirekt assembly partners also stock the relevant tyres at reasonable prices.

* Source: Kraftfahrzeug-Bundesamt [Federal Motor Transport Authority], kba.de, January 2012
**Sources: Kraftfahrzeug-Bundesamt, kba.de, 2011 and ACE (Auto Club Europe), 2010
*** Delticom-Report 2011, completed by Forsa

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