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Delticom report 2012: Buying tyres over the internet is more and more attractive for drivers

  • Advantages of buying tyres online are highly valued
  • Great potential for online tyre sales across all age groups
  • ReifenDirekt customers are satisfied

Delticom AG, Hanover - 17.04.2012. The trend for buying car tyres over the internet is increasing. The current Delticom report 2012 confirms this conclusion. The representative Forsa study on behalf of Delticom, the European market leader in online tyre sales, highlights the attitudes and behaviour of Germany's drivers regarding online tyre purchasing. In total 1000 potential tyre purchasers ranging from 18 to 65 years old were surveyed.

In comparison to the survey results from the previous year (2010/2011) the trend of buying tyres online has increased from 36 percent to 41 percent. Male respondents, with 44 percent, showed slightly greater interest in ordering tyres online than female drivers, with 37 percent. Generally, young internet users (18-39 years old) are particularly receptive to buying tyres online.

Persuasive advantages - Ease of purchase and reasonable prices attract Germany's drivers online

According to their answers the survey respondents are convinced by the time-saving and cost-saving advantages of buying tyres online, and being able to compare prices quickly is particularly attractive (86 percent), as well as finding reasonable prices (81 percent). They also appreciate how easy buying is: continuous opening times, being able to order round the clock as well as free access to information and test results (73 percent). The large selection of tyres and variety (68 percent) and the current availability of tyres were ranked high in the respondents'favour (64 percent).

"The survey results of the current Delticom report reflect the advantages of the whole package. Due to our variety of brands and models you can find the right tyres for almost every car and budget. Our online shop also stands out thanks to reasonable prices as well as a high level of tyre availability, even in peak times", commented Rainer Binder, CEO of Delticom AG.

Potential for online tyre sales

According to the study the proportion of drivers who are unaware that they can buy tyres online is fairly small (7 percent). One in five of those cannot imagine how they could buy tyres online. In addition, one in three is not aware that high-quality tyres are available. There is therefore lots of potential for online tyre sales.

"In our online shops we create the conditions for particularly easy, simple and secure tyre purchases, you can complete the order in just a few clicks," explains Rainer Binder.

As the Delticom report shows, ease and security are further arguments in favour of buying tyres online. In addition to multiple payment options and fast delivery to the required location there is also the option for tyres to be delivered to an assembly workshop, which was attractive for more than half of the respondents; security certificates (like the TÜV seal for S@fer shopping) were also considered to be equally important. Workshops are an important factor in Delticom's range of services; tyre purchasers in Germany can currently use a network of over 8,000 service providers in their area, and worldwide more than 30,000 workshops are available for professional tyre fitting.

Customer favourite ReifenDirekt.de

Those respondents who have already shopped at ReifenDirekt.de are pleased with the products and services - including assembly workshops. "It gives my colleagues and me a good feeling that the whole package of our online shop goes down so well. This impression is also confirmed by the positive customer feedback that can be seen on the ReifenDirekt.de site," says Rainer Binder.

Information about the company: www.delti.com

Online tyre shops: www.reifendirekt.de, -at, -ch, www.mytyres.co.uk

Test site: www.reifentest.com, www.tyretest.com

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