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Delticom: new "tyre label" supports consumers

  • DEX provides assistance with purchase decisions at mytyres.co.uk
  • New EU tyre label rated regarding customer interests
  • More than 40,000 customers in 15 European countries have given their verdict
Delticom AG, Hanover - 19.09.2012 - Europe's leading online tyre retailer Delticom has conducted a comprehensive European survey, in which it asked customers in 15 countries, amongst them the UK, to evaluate consumer views of the new EU tyre labelling requirements. The results of this questionnaire have been used to develop a new and inventive Delticom Efficiency Class Index, referred to in abbreviated form as DEX, it will provide motorists with a simple, valuable and decision making reference to help decide which is the best replacement tyre for their vehicle.

All tyres manufactured after than 1 July 2012 will be required to carry the new EU tyre label with effect from 1 November 2012. Delticom is supplementing this system by introducing its own classification in the form of assessing tyres, the Delticom Efficiency Class Index (DEX). This will be exclusively displayed on Delticom online shops throughout Europe and will enable tyre buyers to tell at a glance which EU labels tyres best fit their driving requirements. The DEX has been developed on the basis of a Europe-wide survey held in June and July this year, in which Delticom asked customers in 15 countries to evaluate the three tyre labelling criteria - rolling resistance (fuel efficiency), wet grip and external rolling noise - in terms of relevance to their own tyre purchases. The survey generated a considerable degree of interest amongst car drivers, and more than 40,000 Delticom online shop customers were keen to give their opinion. The three label criteria were evaluated on a scale of 1 to 10.*

The view adopted by consumers is that safety is more important than the potential to make cost savings. This was reflected in the fact that more half of respondents considered wet grip to be the most vital of the tyre properties provided for in the EU label. Rolling resistance came second with over 25 percent, and rolling noise was accorded the lowest level of significance on the survey scale.

"We welcome the introduction of the EU tyre label. It is a useful instrument which provides purchasers with tried and tested information", comments Delticom's CEO Rainer Binder. "As Europe's leading online tyre retailer, however, we have a commitment to provide active assistance in areas where consumers are unsure with regard to the EU label. One of these areas of uncertainty is which of the three criteria can actually be the determining factor in a tyre purchase. For this reason, our online shop mytyres.co.uk provides additional and convenient guidance for customers in the form of the DEX classification. This offers an immediate opportunity to compare just about any type of tyre in accordance both with the DEX and individual label criteria."

The online shops display the DEX via an evaluation system featuring a score between one and five stars. Purchasers also have the option of selecting their tyres via the DEX search function. This enables them to identify at a glance which of the new EU label criteria best meets their own requirements.

Rainer Binder recommends that customers should consult expert opinions and tyre checks carried out by independent motoring associations and testing organisations for information regarding winter tyres. "The EU tyre label does not include any evaluation of tyre handling characteristics on ice and snow. We therefore recommend that our customers should continue to refer to test reports drawn up by established motoring organisations when purchasing winter tyres. Our neutral tyre testing site tyre-test.com also provides these reports."

Binder does not anticipate that the company will experience any supply bottlenecks. "We have extremely good warehousing capacities in place. Delticom is able to act in a timely manner in delivering sufficient stocks for its online shops. For this reason, consumers benefit from high levels of availability even during seasonal peaks." The latest Delticom warehouse in Sehnde (close to Hanover), for example, extends over an area which is the equivalent of around seven football pitches and is capable of storing several million tyres.

* The survey related to summer and all season tyres only.

For more information on the company, please visit: www.delti.com

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