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Delticom - don't drive on the flat

Delticom AG/mytyres.co.uk, Hanover/London - 04/10/2012

A report from the European Commission earlier this year indicated that driving on under inflated tyres may increase fuel consumption by up to 4 percent as well as increasing wear rates leading to a 45 percent decrease in service life. In addition, the Commission estimates that almost 5 million tons of CO2 are created by running on under inflated tyres.

Tyre experts also warn that tyres incorrectly inflated can affect the stability of a vehicle at the margin which can lead to an accident. In a survey of 38,000 vehicles conducted by a major tyre manufacturer* across nine European countries found that 71 percent of cars were running on under inflated tyres.

A simple example outlined by the tyre specialists of mytyres.co.uk helps explain the importance of correct tyre pressures. "Riding a bicycle with incorrectly inflated tyres requires much more personal energy to move the bicycle forward. The same applies to your car. It has to work much harder to move the car forward thereby using more fuel than usual and creates more CO2 emissions which can damage the environment".

Tyre pressures say the experts should be checked regularly at least once a month along with tyre tread depth. In addition, the general condition of tyres should also be checked and motorists should not forget the spare tyre in the boot which is often overlooked. If there is any doubt about correct tyre pressures, details are contained in the car's handbook or contained on the car's door jamb.

*Source Bridgestone Tyres

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