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Delticom: Secure Internet tyre purchase with convenient payment methods in Europe

  • New: Electronic payment via PayPal in European online shops for consumers
  • A variety of modern, secure payment methods

Delticom AG, Hanover, 17.07.2013 - Europe's leading Internet tyre dealer Delticom, is expanding its convenient payment options to include PayPal in many of its online shops for consumers.

According to current studies, electronic payment methods are the most important, being held in high regard by online shoppers and also enjoying their trust. Further consumers are attaching more value to the availability of their preferred payment method. *

"We want to make buying tyres as convenient and as secure as possible for our customers in every country. Users can select their preferred payment method in our online shops. With PayPal, in many of our online shops we now offer a payment method which is appreciated by a great number of Internet shoppers worldwide," says Philip von Grolman, Co-CEO of Delticom AG.

Whether they're looking for a modern or classic solution, customers will find something to suit their needs thanks to the Delticom online tyre shops wide range of convenient and secure payment methods. With just a few clicks, buyers can save time and money and be ensured of success in their search for new tyres.

The "idea of convenience" is continued through the range of professional service partner garages on offer. The transparent presentation of services, prices, and customer reviews helps customers in choosing an assembly garage, which can be selected when buying tyres online. An assembly garage near the customer then fits the tyres professionally.

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More information about online shops for consumers and tyres at www.delti.com, www.mytyres.co.uk, www.reifendirekt.de, www.reifendirekt.at and www.reifendirekt.ch.

Tyre tests: www.tyre-test.com

Payment via Paypal is now also available to dealers (B2B) in numerous Delticom shops for professionals.

Information about the company: www.delti.com

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