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Delticom: Winter tyres keep you staying mobile

Delticom AG, Hannover, 19.09.2013. Icy roads, light snowfall - the danger of damage to the car comes quickly. Many accidents could be avoided if drivers themselves prepared their cars better for the special conditions of winter. One thing is particularly required: patience at the wheel. If you drive in a careful manner, you may arrive a few minutes later, but you will arrive that much more safely.

Look and think ahead when driving

Anything which affects stability when driving should be avoided if possible in winter driving. That includes sharp acceleration as well as abrupt braking or steering manoeuvres. "Looking and thinking ahead when driving is the most important recommendation for drivers in winter road conditions", says the tyre expert from oponytanio.pl, Rainer Binder. "We always need to be prepared for mistakes by other drivers and to increase the safety gap to other vehicles by even more in difficult road conditions". Even when at first glance the asphalt does not appear to be frozen, drivers should always be prepared for icy conditions at the corresponding temperatures - especially in the morning commuter traffic, after a frosty night.

Sufficient grip with winter tyres

Just like the driver, the car itself has to be fit for winter. That includes a fresh battery as well as brakes in good order and well adjusted lighting. Nowadays suitable winter tyres are essential. At outside temperatures from 7 degrees Celsius and below, the special tyres provide more grip than summer tyres - in other words, not just on ice and snow. If you drive on winter roads without suitable tyres, you may also have to pay a fine. In order to provide the right grip, the winter tyres need to have a tread depth of minimum 4 millimetres. If not, then they need to be changed. The correct tyre pressure, according to the manufacturer's recommendation, is also important. This should be checked around every two weeks.

Which winter tyre is suitable for which vehicle?

How can drivers find suitable winter tyres for their own vehicle? Nowadays, an online portal such as oponytanio.pl can help you orientate yourself quickly and simply. With a limited amount of data, you can access a suitable selection of more than 100 tyre brands and more than 25,000 types of tyre in stock. In addition to buying tyres, you can if you want choose online and straight away one of more than 390 workshops all over Poland to have your tyres fitted professionally.

Online shops in Poland:

For Consumers: www.oponytanio.pl

For garages and dealers: www.opony123.pl

Test site: www.testopon.com

For more information about the company, please visit: www.delti.com

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