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Delticom: Competent tyre replacement for transport companies of any size

  • Safety for companies and drivers
  • Light trucks, lorries and bus tyres: Cost conscious and efficient to the destination

Delticom AG, Hanover, 19.09.2013. Freight companies and other companies involved in transport and logistics are particularly keen to run their business in a cost efficient way. Constantly rising fuel costs and other increases in running costs enforce cost saving in businesses. Despite all this, transport companies must ensure the safety of their drivers, and indeed, everyone else on the road. Whether it's a small business or a major freight company, the person sitting at the wheel must be able to rely on their vehicle as tool of their trade at all times.

This is especially relevant in the long European winter, when the weather can throw up unpleasant surprises overnight. Changing weather conditions are not the only thing which can cause a problem for man or machinery. Careful maintenance of the vehicle is crucial, particularly the tyres. These should be kept in excellent condition with an adequate profile depth of at least 4 millimetres. The correct tyre pressure is equally relevant for truckers with regard to safety and costs, since a reduction of only around 1.0 bar can lead to a blowout due to heat build-up. This has fatal consequences which end up in accidents all too often. If general tyre pressure is reduced by only 0.5 bar, the fuel consumption also rises.

You should never put off changing tyres due to wear and tear or time of year. A current study has shown that choosing the best lorry tyres contributes to an increase in business efficiency.* Purchasing tyres from a reliable partner can be really quick, saving time and money. You will find an attractive overall package for transport companies in the online store from the lorry tyre specialists and leading Internet tyre dealers Delticom**

This covers a wide range of sizes of high value quality tyres, including Delticom's own lorry tyre brand Goodride. In addition, transport professionals will benefit from a convenient service: the Delticom lorry team can give clients advice if needed, via the e-mail lkw@delti.com.

* Goodyear-Study, 2013

** Online store for
- Dealership in the UK: www.yourtyres.co.uk
- Fleets: www.fleettyres24.co.uk

Lorry tyres also via: www.mytyres.co.uk/Truck-Tyres.html

For more information about the company, please visit: www.delti.com

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