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Delticom: Your SUV needs winter tyres too

Four wheel drive alone isnít enough - SUVís also need winter tyres

Delticom AG, Hannover Ė 29.10.2014: Many drivers feel as though their four wheel drive SUV is invincible on the winter roads. It isnít surprising considering the elevated seating position and generous dimensions, which provide a sense of great safety for many motorists- one major reason why this segment of the car market continues to show strong growth. According to statistics, SUV sales in the UK* have more than doubled in the past 5 years. It is important to remember that driving an SUV should not result in careless driving or lack of safety. During the winter months, a four wheel drive car is not enough protection against the unpredictable road conditions.

When comparing the traction of a 4 wheel drive SUV to a rear wheel drive car, it is clear that the 4 wheel drive has the advantage. Pulling away on the snow using summer tyres is still easier but bringing the car to a halt is a different matter. Summer tyres can lose their grip to the road resulting in loss of control and slipping. Having a four wheel drive SUV does not shorten your braking distance or improve your cornering. Therefore it is important to fit winter tyres to your vehicle in the colder months of the year.

Moreover, your tyres are the only four contact points that your car has with the road, so avoid compromising on safety in winter. It is easy to purchase tyres online from mytyres.co.uk where you can find a large range of winter tyres to suit your needs, requirements and budget. At mytyres.co.uk you can also select to have your new tyres fitted at a fitting partner near you for maximum convenience; in the UK more than 2,000 workshops offer this and other services.

* Source: thetruthaboutcars.com

Tyres are available on the online shop www.mytyres.co.uk and www.tirendo.co.uk, and Delticom online stores in other countries.

Online store for spare parts: www.123spareparts.co.uk

Other online stores in the UK:

For garages and dealers: www.yourtyres.co.uk
Motorcycle tyres: www.moto-tyres.co.uk
Tyre test site: www.tyretest.com

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