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Mytyres.co.uk: Good reasons to choose summer tyres

  • Winter and summer tyre specialist for applications perfectly aligned with your needs: When it’s warm, summer tyres maintain their advantages when it comes to safety and economy.
  • Customers can order the perfect summer tyres quickly and securely from Mytyres.co.uk and benefit from attractive prices and additional services.

Delticom AG/Mytyres.co.uk, Hanover – 19.05.2016. When the temperature rises and the sun keeps appearing, it’s time to change to summer tyres. As a rule of thumb: As soon as the daily temperatures stay above seven degrees Celsius, and no more frost is expected, you should change over - but why?

In many European countries, there is a legal requirement to have adequate winter tyres. In contrast, there are no such regulations for summer tyres, except in Italy. But even if there is no obligation, there are very good reasons to put on summer tyres. Compared to winter tyres, they are specially designed for warm weather conditions, and offer many benefits. Above all, this is due to the different rubber blend. Winter tyres are softer and, due to their design, they generally have a higher rolling resistance than summer tyres. Along with their typical lamella profile, this delivers perfect grip on snow and ice, but conversely, this is a disadvantage in higher temperatures. Abrasion increases, which leads to faster wear and tear. Even more important: Tests by the tyre manufacturer Continental show that stopping distances at 15 degrees Celsius are significantly longer with winter tyres. This means a vehicle with summer tyres under these conditions on a dry road at 100 km/h stops eight metres earlier than with winter tyres, on wet roads six metres earlier. Modern summer tyres are also optimised to keep rolling resistance as low as possible, without compromising grip - with a corresponding effect on fuel consumption.

“We strongly recommend changing to summer tyres in warmer temperatures. This protects the material, can reduce fuel consumption, making them more economical overall, particularly for frequent drivers. But the improved safety levels are even more important. If you drive on old winter tyres in the summer, you’re not doing yourself or your wallet any good”, says Thierry Delesalle from Mytyres.co.uk.

If you need a new set of summer tyres, you’ll find a huge range of brands and models at attractive prices at Mytyres.co.uk. Buying tyres online is simple, fast and secure. The tyres you order can either be delivered to your home, or quite conveniently, without any extra cost, directly to a local workshop, and have them fitted there. Many fitting workshops also offer customers competitive prices for storing their winter tyres at the workshop until the following winter.For more tips on changing to summer tyres, as well the benefits of summer tyres in warmer temperatures, watch our video at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OE5wWgUmi2k&nohtml5

About Mytyres.co.uk

There are over 100 tyre brands and more than 25,000 models of tyres to be found at Mytyres.co.uk - also including the latest best-rated tyres from official comparison tests. The product portfolio not only includes tyres for cars, motorbikes, lorries, commercial vehicles and buses, but also wheel-tyre sets, rims and car replacement parts and accessories. Particularly practical: new tyres can be delivered quickly and free of charge* to any address provided. When purchasing tyres, buyers can also choose from more than 2,000 professional car workshop partners across the UK and have the tyres sent to them directly for professional fitting. Many of our partner workshops offer also additional services, such as tyre storage.

* 2 tyres and more

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