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Mytyres.co.uk: Summer, sun, fun - have a safe and carefree start into your holiday

  • So that the holiday season is not a time of breakdowns: a vehicle and tyre check ensures a safe and stress-free start into the holiday. What should motorists pay attention to?
  • For those in need of quick replacements, Mytyres.co.uk is the place to go for a great selection of summer tyres, car accessories and spare parts. Easily, quickly and safely ordered and delivered straight to your home or to one of the fitting partners.

Delticom AG/Mytyres.co.uk, Hannover – 07.07.2016. Summertime is a holiday time and this year’s vacation is approaching fast. The overcrowded motorways confirm: many prefer to use their own car when going on holiday. No wonder - thanks to the car, one is flexible, not bound by strict baggage limits and remains mobile once at the destination. The joy of the holiday can, however, quickly dissipate with a sudden breakdown. To spare oneself such an unpleasant situation, a vehicle and tyre check is recommended in good time before the trip.

“Incorrect tyre pressure is the most common cause of punctures. This can cause tyre to burst under the loaded or even overloaded vehicle. Motorists should therefore definitely check and adjust their tyre pressure in accordance with the load. Normally, air pressure should be checked when the tyres are cold. The reference values specified for this purpose by the manufacturer can be found in the vehicles operating instructions”, explains Thierry Delesalle from Mytyres.co.uk. “Also, check the condition of your tyres before departure. Look for damage such as cracks or bulging. Importantly, don’t forget to measure the tread depth”, advises Delesalle. In Europe, a minimum legally required tread depth of summer tyres is 1.6 mm. To ensure maximum safety, according to the German Automobile Club ADAC, summer tyres should be replaced with fresh ones when the tread depth reaches 3 mm. This applies also to the spare wheel.

“The age of the tyres also plays a role. Even if not used, traction may be reduced dramatically despite an adequate tread depth”, explains further Delesalle. “That can be the case, for example, with caravans and other trailers, which are not moved much throughout the year. Speaking of caravans: when tyres are exposed to strong sunlight at a campsite, UV radiation can also be detrimental to them. Here, it is also wise to cast a second or even third eye over the tyres.”

“Careful tyre management pays for itself with greater safety. Worn or damaged tyres can lead to dangerous situations. Even with a positive end, when it comes to a breakdown the frustration is big - punctured tyres cost time, money and especially nerves. To prevent such breakdowns, we recommend purchasing new tyres when defects have been identified”, advises Delesalle. “With us, motorists can find appropriate replacements quickly and easily at Mytyres.co.uk.” The wide range on offer at Mytyres.co.uk provides the right tyre for every car and every demand - quickly, easily and safely at attractive prices and with short delivery times. Additionally, customers can choose a convenient option of sending the tyres directly to one of more than 2,000 partner workshops in the UK at no extra cost. Soon, Mytyres.co.uk is going to offer an extra service - mobile fitting. A fully equipped workshop will come to the customers desired location and fit the tyres directly on-site. This service is already available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and will gradually be expanded to other countries.

About Mytyres.co.uk

There are over 100 tyre brands and more than 25,000 models of tyres to be found at Mytyres.co.uk - also including the latest best-rated tyres from official comparison tests. The product portfolio not only includes tyres for cars, motorbikes, lorries, commercial vehicles and buses, but also wheel-tyre sets, rims and car replacement parts and accessories. Particularly practical: new tyres can be delivered quickly and free of charge* to any address provided. When purchasing tyres, buyers can also choose from more than 2,000 professional car workshop partners across the UK and have the tyres sent to them directly for professional fitting. Many of our partner workshops offer also additional services, such as tyre storage.

* 2 tyres and more

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