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Delticom expands Business to Business Shop to other European Countries
The Netherlands marks the Start

www.probanden.nl - Lower-priced tyres for dealers and tyre fitters in Holland

Groningen/Hanover, 22.02.2002 The launch of its first online tyre shop for dealers and tyre fitters in the Netherlands, marks the start of Delticom's announced expansion of its B2B portal to other European countries. Now Dutch garages can stock up their stores online and after business hours. Delticom is represented in Holland by its subsidiary, Delticom B.V., based in Groningen. Up until now Delticom offered its B2B website exclusively to the German market at www.autoreifenonline.de. Since mid 2000 over 3,000 dealers and tyre fitters have registered here.

Only requirement is an Internet connection. Interested dealers register at www.probanden.nl, and will then receive an eMail with the access data, providing the details to enter the password-secured B2B portal. This service is mainly used by service stations, tyre fitters and dealers, that are registered as tyre mounting stations for end-customers. Not all service stations are accepted. Proof of competence and workshop equipment, as well as competitive prices and a good location must match. Delticom Managing Director Rainer Binder (44) explained: "We want to gurantee a high standard to our customers".

Registered companies can browse through over 40 different brands and over 9,000 types of tyres, 24 hours a day seven days a week. In addition, Delticom gurantees lower prices on a continuous basis. Based on long-term and international contacts, Delticom can offer tyres and rims at favourable conditions. Delivery costs are included in the prices - like at the company's B2C online shop. The possibilty to order just-in-time after business hours offers dealers and tyre fitters the opportunity to reduce their storage capacity.

The site is easy to use, simple and comfortable. "Due to the fact that all of our business processes are carried out online, we are able to achieve an almost unbeatable efficiency", the Management explained. Co-operation lowers the risk in stock for all partners and increases the price transparency, as well as the service quality. In addition, Delticom sells and distributes its own tyre brand. These special brands offer dealers an additional attractive source of income, due to their favourable margins. A positive side-effect for service stations that register as a mounting station is that once a customer's car is in the workshop, many decide to repair brakes or schock absorbers as well.

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