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Delticom AG: 123engineoil.co.uk – New online shop for engine oil

  • 123engineoil.co.uk: Delticom launches a new online shop for engine oil and other vehicle accessories.
  • From additives to two-stroke oil: at 123engineoil.co.uk you’ll find a wide range of engine oils, lubricants, care products and other accessories at attractive prices.
  • Simple, user-friendly search function to find the perfect products for your vehicle.
  • Modern, convenient and secure online shopping: Customers benefit from Delticom’s 15 years of experience in online trade and countless customer benefits.

Delticom AG/123engineoil.co.uk, Hanover – 17-08-2016. Delticom AG, Europe’s leading online retailer for tyres and car accessories, is launching a new online shop specialising in engine oil, 123engineoil.co.uk. From additives and anti-freeze to two-stroke oil: the new online shop offers a total of over 1,400 different vehicle products, including a wide range of more than 300 different engine oils in various volumes for cars and other vehicles such as motorbikes, utility vehicles and tractors. Also on offer are brake fluids, transmission oil, care products, radiator anti-freeze, grease and lubricants. In addition to the online presence in UK, in the future there will be Delticom engine oil web shops in further 15 European countries.

“By setting up 123engineoil.co.uk we are launching a pan-European network of online shops specialising in engine oil and care products. In our online shop, customers can find the right products for their vehicle quickly, easily and securely. We want to achieve maximum customer satisfaction through our wide range of products, attractive prices, rapid delivery and great service”, emphasises Thierry Delesalle from www.123engineoil.co.uk.

To stop customers from getting lost and to ensure they can quickly find the right products for their vehicle, the 123engineoil.co.uk website has a special vehicle filter: customers enter their vehicle’s make, model and type, and are then shown a list of all suitable products from a range of well-known manufacturers. By applying various filters, users can limit the selection to specific manufacturers, releases, properties or viscosity grades. In addition, the list of search results can be sorted according to various categories, for example by price.

At 123engineoil.co.uk, customers benefit from Delticom’s 15 years of experience in the online sale of tyres and vehicle accessories: order processing, distribution channels and service have all been fine-tuned. Further customer advantages include numerous payment options, rapid delivery, and free shipping on orders from 100 GBP onwards.

Buy engine oil online at

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