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Delticom AG/My-vintage-tyres.co.uk: Ford Granada, Saab 900 or Audi 80 – the right tyres for fans of modern classics

  • Modern classics are becoming ever more popular and are increasing in value.
  • Fresh tyres in the correct dimensions offering an authentic appearance ensure that neither style nor safety are compromised.
  • Buyers visiting My-vintage-car.co.uk, Delticom’s new online shop specialising in classic cars and modern classics, will find a wide range of tyres for historical vehicles – quickly, easily, and securely.

Delticom AG/my-vintage-tyres.co.uk, Hanover – 22.09.2016. They represent quality, durability and a very special retro charm: the so-called “modern classics”. Strictly speaking these vehicles, between 15 and 30 years old and mostly produced in the 80s and 90s, aren’t classic cars yet, but it’s not just amongst collectors that they are growing in popularity. Whether you’re talking about sedans like the Ford Granada, cabriolets like the Saab 900 Cabrio or coupés based on the Audi 80 – all of them have already achieved cult status, with demand and value increasing accordingly. The question of how modern classics should be maintained is, however, the same as for true classic cars: true to style and in good condition, with original parts as far as possible, or at least parts which are faithful to the original. But even with retro charm, one thing shouldn’t be compromised: safety.

For example, tyres: as a part subject to wear, not only are tyres one of the defining characteristics of a vehicle’s appearance, they are also one of the most important safety elements - after all, they are the only component in direct contact with the road. “Many people don’t realise that tyres degrade over time, even if they don’t do a lot of mileage - which is the case for a lot of classic cars. The grip deteriorates noticeably over time, as the rubber mixture gradually hardens, meaning tyres can become porous or cracked. An eight-year-old set of tyres should be replaced under any circumstances. And of course: tyres should have a tread depth of at least 1.6 millimetres, ideally more”, says Thierry Delesalle of My-vintage-tyres.co.uk.

So the question arises: where can fans of classic cars find suitable replacement tyres? Tyre dimensions common in earlier cars are often different to those of modern models: today’s tyres, for example, are mostly larger and have a different cross-section (ratio of flank height to tread width), and your local workshop may not stock all models.

“That’s why fans of modern classics should take a look at My-vintage-tyres.co.uk“, advises Delesalle. My-vintage-tyres.co.uk is a new online shop especially for fans of classic cars and modern classics. The shop has been set up by Delticom AG, Europe’s largest online tyre retailer, meaning that buyers benefit from over 15 years’ experience in online tyre retail, perfectly rehearsed delivery logistics and expert service. “Our range includes a wide selection of historical tyre models, produced by manufacturers today in accordance with current standards”, explains Delesalle. Buyers on My-vintage-tyres.co.uk will find a range of trusted brands which meet the quality standards of enthusiasts in a range of dimensions and styles. “You can even get authentic-looking whitewall tyres”, says Delesalle. In addition to quick, intuitive online ordering, My-vintage-tyres.co.uk also offers a variety of secure payment methods and rapid delivery. If you prefer to leave the fitting to the professionals, you can also have your tyres sent to one of our fitting partners at no extra cost, where they will then be mounted on your vehicle.

Buy tyres for classic cars, modern classics and whitewall tyres at:
www.mein-oldtimer-reifen.de, www.mein-oldtimer-reifen.at, www.mein-oldtimer-reifen.ch, www.mes-pneus-collection.ch, www.mes-pneus-collection.be, www.mijn-oldtimer-banden.be, www.mijn-oldtimer-banden.nl, www.mine-gamle-dage.dk, www.mina-veterandäck.se, www.minun-vintage-renkaani.fi, www.mis-neumaticos-clasicos.es, www.mes-pneus-collection.fr, www.i-miei-pneumatici-depoca.it, www.meus-pneus-do-vintage.pt, www.moje-zabytkowe-opony.pl, www.my-vintage-tyres.ie, www.my-vintage-tyres.co.uk

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