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Rubber with a Grip

Winter tyres protect from skidding during the first drop in temperature
Hanover, 24.09.2002. When the first snow falls, some cars stop or skid unhindered across the slippery road. The reason for this annual chaos is that many drivers change to winter tyres too late, or think that they can get through the winter with their summer treads. A recent, representative survey for www.reifendirekt.de, the online tyre shop of Delticom AG, confirms this observation. More than one third of German drivers does not change to winter tyres. While some have all-season tyres, up to 15 percent try to get through the winter months with their summer tyres. Especially in northern Germany and in large cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen, few car drivers see the need to change to winter tyres. For example, only 25 percent of Hamburgīs private vehicle owners have winter tyres. Sales statistics show that over 60 percent of all winter tyres are mounted in November. "Waiting for the first snow is usually too late", according to Delticom Managing Director Andreas Prüfer: "Temperaturs below seven degrees Celsius can increase the braking distance of summer tyres significantly."
Temperature makes a difference
The tyre grip depends not only on rain or snow, but also on the temperature. At a temperature below seven degrees, summer tyres harden and do not offer sufficient grip. The braking distance is - according to independent studies - signficantly longer than with winter tyres. These have a special rubber mixture that remains elastic in the cold. In addition, they have a better tread and sharp lateral and longitudinal edges for ice and snow. Drivers with summer tyres, braking on cold, wet roads, often lack a few deciding metres to avoid an accident. Besides the damage, the car driver may face further problems with his or her insurance. In accidents with the wrong tyres, drivers may be judged as being joint guilty. .
Autumn: Time to change
Weather statistics show that already in October temperatures regularly drop below seven degrees. It is highly recommended to change tyres now. Before mounting last yearīs tyres, check that the tread is not less than 4 millimetres deep - even if the depth required by law is only 1.6 millimetres. Based on average usage, tyres should be replaced every four winters. In autumn, many car magazines and automobile clubs provide information about the newest tyre tests. Further information can be found online. At www.reifentest.com for example, drivers report about their personal experiences with selected tyre brands and types.
Compare prices at reifendirekt.de
At www.reifendirekt.de drivers can compare the prices of more than 40 tyre brands and 10 000 tyre types. A description and photos are provided. Reifendirekt.de is Delticomīs German online shop for tyres, rims and complete wheels. The Hanover-based company is European market leader in internet tyre trading. Comparisons by car drivers showed that prices are up to 25 percent lower the average market prices. With 1 500 partner service stations in Germany, Delticom offers a comprehensive network of tyre fitters. In 90 percent of all cases, delivery is made within one week to any address selected by the customer.

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