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Tyres per Mouse Click

New lower-priced winter tyres easy to order at reifendirekt.de
Hanover, 17.10.2002. Winter has returned earlier this year. It is time to find the right footwear for the cold season including your car. Customers interested in saving money should have a look at www.reifendirekt.de. The product range at Delticom AG's online shop covers all well-known tyre manufacturer including 40 brands with over 10,000 different types of tyres. Prices according to independent comparisons by customers are up to 25 percent below usual market prices - including shipping costs. "Our web site is easy to use and clear; motorists that know little about buying tyres can find helpful background information", explained Delticom Managing Director Andreas Prüfer. Using a simple input form, all offers are found easily and quickly.
Tyre fitting only one mouse click away
Once the tyre set has been ordered, delivery takes between two to four working days to any address of your own choice. Reifendirekt.de has a wide network of partners with over 1,500 service stations throughout Germany. "Only Volkswagen has more partner workshops", explained Managing Director Rainer Binder. The customer can search the web site to look for the nearest tyre fitter. At the same time, the price of mounting the tyres is displayed. If the customers prefer to mount the tyres by themselves, the Hanover-based company delivers the tyres to their home address.
Online info about winter tyres
With the begin of the winter season, many auto magazines have special reports presenting the newest winter tyres. Automobile clubs and Stiftung Warentest (an independent product testing magazine for consumers) regularly publish detailed test results. In addition, the Internet provides fast access to special tyre offers. The experience of motorists with selected tyre brands can be accessed at the consumer site: www.reifentest.com. Further advice can be obtained directly per email or telephone at reifendirekt.de.

The correct tyre size is listed in the vehicle registration certificate. A look at the tyre marking on the currently mounted tyres provides further information. Please note that only tyres which have the designation "M+S" or a snowflake symbol are winter or all-season tyres. Given normal wear and tear, the average lifespan of a tyre is four winter seasons. After this time, tyres should be replaced. If the tread depth is below four millimetres, motorists are strongly advised to buy new tyres.

Buying tyres online more popular
Since the beginning of this year Reifendirekt customers can order their tyres on invoice basis. Credit card and direct debiting are also possible. In addition, the delivery status can be tracked online 24 hours a day. Customers have the right to return goods within a 30-day period. "This makes Internet sales transparent and secure. No wonder the sales figures are doubling and tripling from week to week.", Andreas Prüfer said. Reason for the success: The European market leader buys winter tyres worldwide and uses Internet technologies efficiently to process sales - advantages which benefit the customer.

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