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Online Tyre Dealer now offers Engine Oil

www.reifendirekt.ch expands its product range and service:

More than 200 partner service stations in Switzerland

Hanover, 07.10.2003 The online dealer Delticom, from Hanover/Germany, is expanding its range of products. At its online shop www.reifendirekt.ch, the European market leader for Internet tyre sales now offers the engine oil brand High Performer. Starting from a minimum quantity of five litres, the Hanover-based company delivers the oil within four to six days to any address. No extra charges are charged for shipping. "The oil can also be sent to one of our 202 Delticom partner garages in Switzerland", explained Delticom Managing Director Andreas Prüfer. Similarly to the tyre product range, the company offers the oil at lower prices, e. g. SAE 15W/40 Special in 20 litre containers for 3.21 CHF per litre. Swiss garages can buy the engine oil at the B2B website www.autoreifenonline.ch at wholesale prices.

High Perfomer is a high performance engine oil in original maufacturer quality. A high degree of purity and lubrication ensure that the oil meets the highest performance requirements, especially when conventional oils start losing their properties. High Performer forms a durable oil film, protecting the engine from wear and tear. This oil film remains effective when the engine is turned off, protecting engine and gear parts during engine startup and during the warm-up phase from wear and tear.

Buying engine oil by means of the Internet is easy. Similarly to buying tyres online, the ordering process is easy to follow. After having selected the type and quantity of engine oil, the shipping address is entered, and the payment method selected. That's all. All orders are confirmed per email. Invoices are sent per email.

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