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Delticom starting up new winter season at full tilt

Product pallet once again expanded - Pole position ensured

Delticom AG, Hannover
Europe's largest online tyre seller Delticom is staying in the fast lane for the last quarter of the current business year to reach EUR 16 million (Q 3/2003: EUR 11 million), business volume growth of 45% !. Total turnover to date for 2004 has risen from EUR 34 million (30/06/2004) to EUR 51 million (30/09/2004) (in the same period in 2003: EUR 33 million). Turnover growth was thus 54%, hiking up the expected turnover for 2004 from EUR 65 to 70 million.

Hannover, 21.10.2004. The strongest growth factor remains the B2C business, which has accounted for EUR 38.5 million of the total turnover to date. "The winter season is starting up strong, our tyres are selling like hotcakes. The customers are placing a lot of trust in us. Their confidence in direct orders from Reifendirekt.de has risen significantly since our last internet survey", comments Andreas Prüfer, Executive Board Member of the company concerning the highly positive echo among consumers of Delticom's internet-based service. Andreas Prüfer is responsible for the B2C business, finances and company organization. "I'm sure that has something to do with our unbeatable product range, to which we recently expanded to about 65 tyre brands and over 11,000 tyre types. This means we keep the pole position. And customers just lover our "teeny-tiny prices," adds Rainer Binder, the Executive Board Member responsible for B2B business, wholesaling and marketing.

The B2C business turnover volume share was EUR 12 million, B2B EUR 4 million, in this third quarter of 2004. The foreign B2C share is now at 40%. Besides Germany with EUR 24 million, strong development is evident in particular (Jan-Sept 04) in Switzerland, France, The UK, Sweden, Austria and The Netherlands. It's no secret that things are looking rosier in the east as well: Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are now contributing nearly 1% of the turnover volume.

In September 2004, the business model of the Delticom Team was upheld and confirmed by the signing of an investment contract with NORD Holding and RBK, both in Hanover. The two Executive Board Members Andreas Prüfer and Rainer Binder still hold the absolute majority of 72% of the shares (35% Prüfer GmbH and 37% Binder GmbH) in Delticom AG.

Expansion of the international network is to continue as planned. Within this framework, Delticom has now launched a new shop in Hungary, which can be found at www.gumik.com. An additional shop has also been established in Norway, on the web at www.dekkonline.com. The Swedes can also buy catalytic converters at www.katonnet.com. Just opened and already a real customer magnet in France: The online shop for motorcycle riders with a selection covering 8 brands and approx. 3,000 tyre types. The number of service partners in Europe has now increased to over 4,000.

In addition, the automotive accessories market at Delticom, www.autoteile-meile.de, is doing great. The items on everybody's list include replacement parts, catalytic converters, engine oils and sporting running gear.

Success wins: Again Delticom receives an award. In the competition of Deloitte & Touche Technology Fast50 2004, the market leader in online tyre trading, gets on number three in the ranking of the fastest growing technology companies in Germany.

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