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Start 2005 possible record for Delticom: + 59%

Delticom AG, Hanover

In the fourth quarter of 2004, Europe's market leader in online tyre sales, Delticom, topped its original overall sales volume objective of €65 million for 2004 by a healthy margin and will finish with €79 million (as of 31 December 2004). The fourth quarter of 2004 saw possibly record sales of €29 million, highest quarterly figure since the company was founded, representing a rise in quarterly sales volume from the third quarter (€16 million) to the fourth quarter 2004 by 81%. Overall sales growth for this successful company thus reached 59% over 2003 (€49.6 million).

"This genuinely positive result clearly reflects our market strengths. We are out in front because we offer real advantages: Our reasonable prices, unbeatable product range and excellent availability are honoured by customers, both Europe-wide and elsewhere in the world," explains Andreas Prüfer, Executive Board Member, with reference to the sales growth. "For us, the positive result for 2004 confirms our resolve to maintain our strategy in 2005 as well," adds Rainer Binder, also on the Executive Board of Delticom AG.

€18 million of the total sales volume is in the B2B sector, with B2C business accounting for €61 million. In the UK the sales growth in the B2C business rise to 120% plus.


The online shop Reifendirekt.de (UK equivalent: www.mytyres.co.uk) is celebrating 5 years in the business. "The idea of selling tyres on the internet seemed pretty crazy to a lot of people at the time," remembers Andreas Prüfer. The company got a running start, however, and sales volume has grown ever since. Total sales volume in 1999 was €0.92 million, which grew to €6.8 million in 2000 and to €21.4 million in 2001. 2002 saw a further climb to €32.9 million, 2003 €49.6 and, finally, 2004 with a leap up to €79 million. "Our core business is tyres, that's what we earn our money with," continues Board Member Prüfer. Delticom, recipient of numerous international awards, is among the fastest-growing technological companies and one of the most successful unlisted companies in this branch in Germany. Rainer Binder tells it all: "We have our many satisfied international customers to thank for our success. To celebrate this occasion, we have come up with a Jubilee Campaign at Reifendirekt.de for our customers. It will kick off on 15 January. Five days long there will be a 5% exclusive rebate* on our tyres and completely mounted wheels as long as supplies last!"

The year 2005 is all about internationalization at Delticom. Two more online shops will be opened in Europe, one in Finland, at www.rengas-online.com, and another in the Slovakian Republic, where customers can by their tyres online at www.pneumatikypriamo.com. That means Delticom will expand its presence with 33 online shops serving a total of 20 European countries. Autoteilemeile, the successful online shop for car parts, are now also being sold to customers in Austria. The Service network in Europe now includes over 4,600 tyre mounting shops and service partners.

* Other rebates offers not additive

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