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On the fast track to success: Delticom increases turnover to 56 million Euros

Delticom AG, Hanover The European market leader in online tyre sales, Delticom AG, has been able to increase its turnover to 56 million Euros in the first half of 2005. During the same period in the previous year, the company had achieved 34 million Euro. With this, the percentage increase stands at 65%, raising the expected returns in the current year to 110 million Euros.

The B2B sector, with 10 million Euros in the first half year of 2005, is well positioned in the race, and the B2C business is on a fast track with 46 million Euros. On the whole, the B2C-Business has recorded a growth of 77%, and the B2B business was able to improve by 25%: both sectors taken in comparison with the first half of 2004. Besides France, Spain and Italy, Switzerland, Sweden and Austria showed particularly promising trends.

This is how Andreas Prüfer, Director of Delticom, explains this continued success: "We offer our customers decisive advantages when they buy tyres and other products. Ease of ordering, which even a child could do, comfortable payments at highly competitive conditions, and easy modes of payment - these are things that more and more customers all over Europe are beginning to appreciate."

"Quick, uncomplicated delivery, and our one-time add-on service, with more than 5,600 installation partners across Europe, In the UK 586, where buyers can have their newly purchased tyres fitted, convinces even the most sceptical of the customers and all those who have not yet bought tyres over the Internet" adds Rainer Binder, also Director of Delticom AG.

Another favourable factor is that more people are going online, in the UK currently 60% (over 14 years old), and the trend is ever increasing. Another favourite Internet bazaar conquered by Delticom, as an additional sales channel, is eBay Motors, Germany. Here, the company, represented by www.reifendirekt.de, ranks among the Top 100 and is the largest provider of tyres, and also one of the most successful power-sellers, ranked best in a recent rating (total number of positive verdicts: 22,262), with a score of 99.5% (as on: 12.07.05).

Delticom AG is now expanding its presence to 47 online shops in 21 European countries (see also www.delti.com).


In Germany, Delticom now even offers aluminium rims without tyres, through the online shop www.reifendirekt.de.

In the Netherlands, motorcycle fans are thrilled with the newly opened motorcycle shop www.motorbandenmarkt.nl. Consumers can now order catalytic converters through www.katdirekt.nl, and dealers can order it through www.probanden.nl.

Dealers in France now place their orders through their own online shop www.pneus-auto.fr .

Installation partners wanted - and found. www.tyregarages.com lists the service stations in the UK, individually.

The Online Shopping Guide 2005 (appears in Monitor-Bohmann Verlag) evaluates objectively and lists the best 500 online shops in Austria. The online shops listed here are analysed in terms of their range of offerings, user-friendliness, delivery and payment conditions, data protection, etc. The online shop www.reifendirekt.at ranked among the Top 500, with a high score of 83 (out of a maximum of 100 points).

Excerpt from the evaluation: "This is a truly stupendous selection of automobile tyres (more than 10,000!), but searching for the right model is mercifully not difficult, thanks to a superb search screen. Customer service is given utmost importance here: safe orders, several modes of payment and a 30 day period for revoking orders are some of the plus points ..." Customers of Reifendirekt.at can also pay "on account" (up to € 300).

In Sweden too, www.dackonline.se customers have welcomed this easy mode of payment "on account" (up to 3,000 SEK).

Delticom has redesigned its Internet site at www.delti.com. Laid out with greater clarity and a new aesthetic approach make surfing for information a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
Contact Delticom:
Susanne Kindor-d'Unienville
Chief Information Officer
Delticom AG
Brühlstraße 11
Germany - 30169 Hannover
fon: +49 (0)511 93634-852
fax: +49 (0)511 336116-55
fax to mail: +49 (0)89 20808-1024
e-mail: kindor@delti.com

Delticom AG
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