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Using the Internet to get a grip on things!

Most car drivers would fail a tyre test because they do not have the right kind of tread. Although the "winter tyres season" has long since begun, many people are still happily motoring along on their summer tyres. Drivers do not tend to fit winter tyres until they notice the lack of control they have on the wet and frozen road surfaces. A good piece of advice, therefore, is to make timely preparations for winter: visit www.mytyres.co.uk and a simple click of the mouse will take you to the right winter tyres.

The expert advice is to get winter tyres fitted in good time. This will get you ahead of the game and provide optimum road holding in all winter weather conditions. The sad fact is that the risk of accidents is six times higher in winter than it is in spring and summer. Because of the harder rubber mix used, summer tyres lose their flexibility when the temperature falls below 7° Celsius, thus nullifying their ability to hold the road. A soft and flexible tyre surface is required to ensure a secure road position. Winter tyres are made of softer rubber, and their sharply profiled criss-cross tread definitely provide a greater level of safety and a better grip. The rule of thumb is that October to Easter is winter tyre time. For anyone thinking of taking their own car when they go on a winter holiday, winter tyres are a must.

Winter tyres can save lives. In brake tests under winter road conditions, winter tyres beat their summer equivalents by a considerable distance. Travelling at 50 km/h, it only takes winter tyres 35 metres to bring the car and its occupants safely to a halt. At this stage, a comparable car fitted with summer tyres is still going at the speed of 22 km/h and has 8 metres' braking distance to go, if the driver is lucky.

A run on winter tyres, long waiting times in packed tyre shops, overpriced tyres and the non-availability of tyre are all things of the past! What a good thing that we now have the online specialists. In the mytyres online shop, customers can choose between more than 70 different brands and around 1500 different sorts of tyre. When others have sold out of winter tyres, there will still be plenty available at mytyres.co.uk. Ordering is as simple as clicking on the mouse, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Customers can save up to 25% by buying their tyres here. Anyone unsure as to which is the right sort of tyre can also access the results of extensive and objective tests on www.tyretest.com. Within only 1-3 days, the tyres are delivered to the customer's preferred location - home, a repair shop or one of the mytyres fitting partners, over 3000 in number (598 in the UK). Mytyres' methods of payment are also convenient. We accept payment by bank transfer, credit card and even on account.

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