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"Spring cleaning" the car

The temperatures are rising, daybreak is earlier, and the birds are spreading the songs of the new season: The signs cannot be mistaken - spring is in the air. With the change of the season, spring cleaning the car and the annual tyre change are on the agenda. Off with the winter tyres, new well-molded summer tyres are now required. But where to buy? Online, of course, at www.mytyres.co.uk, the well positioned online trader of Europe in online tyre sales. Because here expert advice isn't costly, but included in the price.

Why choose a complicated option, when it can be so simple! Get on the computer, type in www.mytyres.co.uk. Immediately a huge selection of 100 quality tyre brands and 25,000 tyre types awaits you, all at astonishingly affordable prices. Customers of the TÜV-tested online shop report that prices are 20 to 25 percent lower than those in traditional tyre shops, thus satisfying even thrifty savers. To make choosing the new tyres easy and straightforward the customer can survey the objective tyre tests, which can also be found under www.tyretest.com. With one click the purchase of the new, black contact specialist has been completed.
For the professional mounting of the new tyres the customer can select one of mytyres' over 430 mounting partners. The distance to the nearest service partner will be shown. Customer ratings of the installation partner will indicate the service quality. Delivery will be - depending on the availability of the selected tyres - within 2-3 working days, 70% of orders are even fulfilled within 48 hours.

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