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LOW MILEAGE drivers in particular need knowledge on how to maintain their tyres.

mytyres.co.uk - part of Europe's largest online tyre retailing chain, specialising in premium rubber at value cost - insists that drivers setting out for infrequent long motorway trips may be driving on tyres that are under-inflated and too old, increasing their chances of being involved in an accident.

Rainer Binder, Director of mytyres.co.uk German parent Delticom, said: "Our experience shows that people who drive lower mileages, simply to commute to and from work or other transport services, are more likely to skimp on tyres and vital tyre checks. They may also drive an older car running on tyres that have aged and deteriorated through years of exposure to sunlight and long periods of inactivity. That's a recipe for trouble."

Annual summer and autumn holidays quickly find weak spots in a car's condition. Wisely, many motorists check their car's oil, water, power steering and brake fluid levels before setting off. Unfortunately, too many people think a cursory glance and a kick is sufficient to tick the tyres off the check list.

Binder added: "You should always ensure that your tyres are at least legal, with a minimum 1.6mm tread depth. For safety, we advise at least 2.5mm and preferably 3mm of tread remaining for wet weather. Additionally, check the sidewalls - inner and outer - for cuts, tears and bulges. All of these can cause problems ranging from inconvenient punctures that leave you on the hard shoulder, to high speed blow-outs with much more serious consequences.

"Experienced technicians at our almost 1,300 tyre fitting stations around the UK can advise if a tyre is, quite literally, past its 'use by' date. It's part of our 'rubber stamped' initiative to increase road safety."

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