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NEW DRIVERS should be 'rubber stamped' for the road! mytyres.co.uk - part of Europe's largest online tyre retailing chain - insists that educating drivers in tyre maintenance could save lives as well as money.

Rainer Binder, Director of mytyres.co.uk German parent Delticom, said: "Four rubber rings at each corner of our car make a major contribution to keeping us alive. Yet there is more focus during the driving theory test on the relatively obvious task of topping-up screen wash than on helping people avoid potentially catastrophic blow-outs. Instead of the random inclusion of a question on tyres, we think a simple, compulsory Tyre Knowledge Module should be incorporated in the test.

"While we would like to see tighter tyre legislation across Europe, it seems to us that greater awareness is the most immediate way of eliminating poor tyre condition from the list of contributory causes of road accidents - a sort of 'rubber stamp' assurance. Making it part of the test will create a new generation of better informed drivers."

Binder also claims motorists in Germany are more conscientious when it comes to tyre maintenance.

With 60 online shops in more than 25 European countries, plus operations in the USA and Canada, the company can compare data.

"Because motorists in Germany are required to know when and where to use summer tyres, winter tyres and so on, there tends to be a greater awareness of the tyre as an important component of the vehicle. As a result, people often change their tyres well before the minimum legal 1.6mm tread depth. Though a tyre may be legal at this point, its performance will be significantly poorer, especially on wet road emergency stops, than a tyre of 2.5mm. In line with leading road safety organisations, we support a minimum tread depth of 3mm."

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