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PENNY PINCHING drivers are saving money by purchasing used tyres. But Europe's largest online tyre retailer has issued a stark warning that it's a false, and potentially lethal, economy measure.

mytyres.co.uk - part of Delticom, which operates Europe's largest online tyre retailing chain - insists that if drivers focus on value rather than cheapness, in the long run they could save lives AND money.

Rainer Binder, Director of mytyres.co.uk German parent Delticom, said: "Part worn tyres - often from Germany - are available for sale in the UK but there is no way of knowing their previous history. These may have come from accident damaged vehicles that have ended up being dismantled or crushed. Think of this: would you hire a child minder without references? Of course not - so why risk lives on used rubber when there's no way of guaranteeing its performance."

mytyres.co.uk supports a move towards a minimum legal tread depth of 3mm - instead of the current 1.6mm. This would outlaw the majority of part worn tyres on sale in the UK. Binder explains: "In Germany motorists have been made aware the superior performance of tyres with at least 3mm tread depth remaining, mainly because of differing driving conditions and weather. That means many people change tyres well before the legal limit. The cast-offs are often exported, some of them finding their way to Britain.

"Part worn tyres obviously won't last as long, claims mytyres.co.uk. You could spend the same money over a period of time buying at least two sets of part worn tyres to one set of new ones, yet get poorer grip and traction - especially in wet or slippery conditions, worse fuel economy and in some cars a poorer ride quality. What's the point?"

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