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EUROPE'S LARGEST ONLINE TYRE RETAILER is helping tackle the too often tragic motorcycling combination of inexperience and youth with an innovative internet 'Tyre Saver' service.

moto-tyres.co.uk - part of the German Delticom tyre and accessory chain - says it wants to make new, branded rubber financially more accessible and ensure riders understand the part played by quality motorcycle tyres in safe, progressive riding.

"Cost and a lack of knowledge are the two key factors we're trying to tackle here," said director Rainer Binder. "We have beaten down the cost of good rubber for motorcyclists and now we're complementing that with an advice service, available online and over the phone, to make sure the right tyres are fitted to the bike in the first place."

"With used or older machines, there is a temptation to buy cheap, to leave it until the tyre behaviour gives highly unpredictable handling, or worse, ignore tyre condition until it's illegal. It's this simple: skilled, safe and progressive riding coupled to good tyres helps save lives."

The company's web site will soon add more news on motorcycling and tyre options, intended to foster a sense of safety without diluting the unique pleasures of two-wheeled transport.

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