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STAYING OUT OF TROUBLE on the roads is a priority. That's why wise drivers will continue for a short distance after suffering a flat tyre - so they can get to a safe refuge out of the traffic stream.

It's a good idea - but reusing a tyre that's been driven flat, even for the shortest distance - could be dangerous.

"Even if the tyre is otherwise repairable, we'd advise motorists to think about investing in a new tyre," said business communications advisor, Ken Mann of mytyres.co.uk.

"When the rim digs in to the tyre, as it does when driven flat, damage can occur as a result of increased heat and stress on the structure. If that happens, the tyre may no longer perform as the manufacturer intended. If you are lucky enough to drive a car with run flat tyres, then you should observe the manufacturer's recommendations to the letter, particularly in respect of speed and distance travelled. Some cars have a tyre re-inflation canister instead of a spare wheel. Again, follow the instructions carefully to maintain safety standards."

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