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THEY'RE EVERY BIKER'S nightmare, they're virtually invisible - and they can be deadly. Fuel spillages from cars and trucks cause motorcyclists more headaches than most - yet the cause is easily curable.

"You don't have to be Brain of Britain to understand that a dark night, a busy road and a biker hitting a patch of spilt fuel at almost any speed is a recipe for trouble," said Ken Mann, business communications advisor for moto-tyres.co.uk. "While good tyres will help retain control in many situations, experienced bikers know that the mixture of petrol or diesel and the oil and rubber deposits on the road surface is a lethal cocktail. Recovering from a skid without incident would be a matter of luck - and that simply isn't a commodity you can rely on in traffic. Thankfully, they are relatively rare, but I'd particularly urge young or inexperienced riders to be aware of the danger they pose. Unnecessarily rapid acceleration, heavy braking or high cornering forces over a fuel contaminated surface can increase risks considerably."

Mann insists that fuel spillage is usually caused by one of the following:
  • Missing or incorrectly fitted fuel tank caps, where fuel spills out, often just after a fill-up, as vehicles roll on bends.
  • Leaking fuel lines and tanks, usually through poor maintenance or irregular vehicle condition checks.
  • After accidents, where cleansing of the contaminated surface is incomplete.
"In most cases a lack of thought is the root cause. The costs can be high, from the price of lost fuel, to road closure and a full emergency service call-out with helicopter air ambulance. The ultimate price is a lost life."

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