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A TREND TOWARDS two wheels instead of four is evident in UK cities.

Congestion, rising fuel costs and parking charges have all given the motorcycle - particularly smaller machines - a new lease of life against the car as commuters try to cut the cost of the daily grind to and from work.

Ken Mann, Business Communications Advisor at mytyres.co.uk, said: "Whether it is two wheels or four, we can still help the commuter cut costs down to size with a full range of tyres - through moto-tyres.co.uk for bikes and mytyres.co.uk for cars.

"One thing all these new converts to two wheels should remember when beating the grid lock is not to ride too close to a kerb while overtaking a line of slow or stopped vehicles. Quite apart from the additional danger of being squeezed on to the pavement by a driver who hasn't seen you, there is more debris. Small sharp stones, particles of broken glass and nails all have the ability to halt progress - which is the point of it all in the first place."

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