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IF YOU thought tyres of the same type, size and rating from two high quality manufacturers would fit your car in exactly the same way, you could be wrong.

Before changing your tyres, always ensure you've read the tyres section of the car manufacturer's handbook to make sure there are no restrictions on the make of tyre to be used as a replacement - or you could be in for an expensive shock.

"With wheels and tyres designed to fit snugly under wheel arches - partly for styling reasons, partly to reduce wind turbulence for aerodynamic, fuel efficiency and noise reasons - not every make of seemingly similar new tyre can be used to replace your original equipment," said Rainer Binder, director of mytyres.co.uk owners, Delticom.

"There are some cars where fitting a perfectly reputable alternative brand rather than the recommended make of tyre could cause the sidewall to come into contact with the inner or outer wing, when full steering lock is applied. Obviously damage could result.

"The easiest solution is to maintain the recommended brand when changing tyres - which is likely to be much more affordable at mytyres.co.uk.

"If you own an all-wheel-drive car, fitting the same brand, type and tread pattern of tyre that came with the car when new may also be important in order to ensure an even rolling resistance at all four wheels. Some cars may be sensitive to this and over time spent running on normal high speed roads, in certain cases this might cause damage or premature failure of gearbox or other driveline components. It's a small point to remember, but one that could save you a lot of money."

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