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Are you still paying (too much) or are you already saving money?
How and where smart car owners can really save

At the beginning of the month, the world looks relatively rosy for cost-conscious car owners. But this changes rapidly for most as the month goes on and costs for upkeep add up. At the end of the month comes the bitter realization - driving, especially car maintenance, is expensive. And when new tires are due, this puts a real squeeze on the wallet. Fortunately there is the Internet. Our tip: "smart shoppers" buy new tires online quickly.

Consumers are advised to choose the right online tire shop from the start. Experts recommend that shoppers make comparisons and take special note of the following criteria: customer and user friendly website, dependability and reliability of the shop, for example regarding tire selection, free delivery, customer service, recommendations and test results as an aid in decision-making, and a network of service partners to mount your tires professionally. www.mytyres.co.uk, the online shop for Delticom, leader in the European market, has won many awards and received a great deal of positive customer feedback. Its product range including over 100 brands and more than 25,000 types of tires is just as persuasive as its excellent price-performance ratio. The customers of the online shop, which has been listed in the renowned shopsafe.co.uk, name savings of as much as 20 to 25 percent. Depending on tire size, savings of around 67 -100 GBP for a set of tires are definitely not unheard of.

The new tires will be delivered to the address designated, usually within 5-7 working days. There is always a professional mounting center in your area. More than 1,200 mounting partners of www.mytyres.co.uk can be selected online also under www.tyregarages.com . Other customers' comments and evaluations can also assist you in choosing the right service partner. And if a customer is not completely sure which tires to buy, test results and tests by customers for customers at www.tyretest.com can be of help.

Photos are available to the press for free downloading at www.delti.com/press/english/presse_fotos.html

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