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Don´t put your tyres under pressure!

HIGH PRESSURE JET WASHERS could wreck your rubber.

Research conducted by German motoring watchdog DEKRA has concluded that aiming a concentrated spray from heavy-duty power washers directly at tyre sidewalls can cause damage which could lead to a weakening of the structure - with safety consequences.

Tiny holes, barely detectable to the human eye, can start to appear as a result of the water impacting on the tyre. In particular machines that operate above a pressure of 110bar should be used only with caution and the widest spray pattern should be selected while hosing down car wheels and tyres. The spray should not be aimed at the point where the wheel rim and tyre meet.

Strong detergents are also known to cause problems; when combined with a high pressure water jet they can remove protective chemicals on the tyre - sometimes showing as a brown watermark. They can, over time, break down the surface lacquer on alloy wheels, which will detract from the car's appearance.

Ken Mann at mytyres.co.uk said: "As always, it pays to look after your tyres but many people will be unaware of the problems associated with incorrect use of high pressure washers."

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