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Cost-Busting Tyre Retailer Boosts Safety

German multi-national internet tyre retailer, Delticom, believes expensive tyre retailing leads to dangerous cost-cutting by motorists.

The company - trading in the UK under the mytyres.co.uk brand for car and van tyres - has urged consumers to change shopping habits and avoid high street 'bricks and mortar' retailers who usually recover their higher operating costs via higher prices.

"High prices are a disincentive to buy any product," said Ken Mann, Delticom's UK head of marketing. "If we were talking about toasters or tea bags, such retailers would simply miss the sale. But with tyres, discouraging people to replace with new at the right time has an unfortunate legacy - a genuine safety problem for all road users. Like most things, you can buy the right product, conveniently and for much less, over the internet."

Mann acknowledges that any shift by motorists towards buying tyres in the internet is highly likely to be to the benefit of Delticom - but denies self-interest and encourages comparison.

"Yes, if you tap in to your computer new tyres it is likely that we will come up high in the list from most search engines - that's hardly surprising, given that we are Europe's largest internet tyre retailer. We got to the number one position only through delivering on behalf of the consumer."

"Put it this way, depending on the tyre, it is possible to save up to £100 on a set of four bought from us, compared to the high street. Typically, we will save purchasers 25 per cent, per tyre."

A network of professional fitting agents is used by mytyres.co.uk across the UK. Even if a customer requires advice on fitting a particular tyre size or type to their car, they can get advice on the 'phone. Professional tyre test data on the mytyres.co.uk web site, or customer experience information on tyres via Delticom's www.tyretest.com web site, is also available.

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